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Plugs and Connectors

Plugs and connectors make it easy to connect two or more electrical elements together, most importantly the battery and the aircraft, and in this case, there is one positive (red) wire and one negative (black) wire on both the battery and the aircraft. Some of the most well-known connectors are the; XT60, JST, HXT, EC3, etc.  Accordingly, different aircrafts and ... Read More »


So what is AVC Technology? AVC stands for ACTIVE VEHICLE CONTROL which is a new technology produced and installed in some of the radio controlled cars. It is one of the newest technologies created by Spektrum™ and AVC™, it uses a combination of sensors and software algorithms to adjust steering and throttle output at a rate faster than humanly possible. ... Read More »

What is RTF, ARF, PNP and KIT?

Before explaining the difference between all models, here’s something you should know: All big models need to be assembled, no matter what they’re called but some require more effort than others. Small RC Planes are the only models that might come perfectly ready to use. RTF means Ready To Fly. When it comes to Foam RTFs,  they are perfect for beginners because they ... Read More »

What are the parts and functions of an Airplane?

If you’re an aviation enthusiast and new to the RC hobby, it is very important to learn the parts of an airplane. Sadly, some people forget to do so and end up crashing their airplanes the minute they turn it on. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Before flying your RC plane, we recommend that you practice on ... Read More »

Understanding Glow Plugs

RC glow plugs for nitro engines

All nitro / glow engines which run on methanol-based fuels are ignited with a glow plug. Glow plugs are made of steel and have a platinum wound wire. Positioned at the uppermost part of the combustion chamber, glow pug platinum wires and under the right compression, cause the alcohol to burn in a catalytic reaction. For the initial glow, a ... Read More »

2-Stroke, 4-Stroke, Gas or Glow?

RC engines from

Gas engine, nitro / glow engine or electric motor is what you need to get your model airplane in the air. Most modelers use a 2-stroke glow fuel engine which is the most common and efficient power plant for radio controlled airplanes. Glow fuel is a mixture of methanol, nitro-methane and oil combined to power up the engine. Depending on ... Read More »