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Getting Started
Phoenix Flight Simulator

Getting Started

Over the years, people have taken up the hobby of flying radio controlled (RC) aircraft and this has been increasing at an immense rate worldwide. Being a beginner hobbyist, you have nothing to worry about because there are several RC aircraft specially designed to make professionals out of newbies such as FMS flight trainers, Cessnas, J3 Piper Cubs and gliders which can all be purchased from our online store.

If you’re wondering why you would want to take up this hobby of flying RC aircraft, the answer is as simple as three words…


As a beginner hobbyist, there are quite a few ways to start your journey to becoming an expert flyer.  The first and most efficient way is;

The RC Flight Simulator

Phoenix flight simulator from

Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator

The RC flight simulator is a computer program which makes the practice of flying a radio controlled aircraft possible on the computer in order to avoid damaging a real model. The flight simulator gives the user full experience of what it feels like to pilot all types of aircraft safely thereby also helping in the decision making of what plane to purchase and is also guaranteed as one of the best investments you will ever make in the hobby.

Crashing is a normal part of the learning process unfortunately, in real life there is no reset button and damaging your plane is costly and irreversible . This is nothing to worry about when using the flight simulator since it is only virtual. In no time, you’ll begin to realize that you don’t need the reset button anymore. Another amazing feature of the RC simulator is that you have the take off and landing feature, as well as the option of selecting what environment you want to train in. You could set the weather to blue skies or pouring rain, high winds or snow,etc

Flight simulators are regarded as one of the earliest and booming applications of virtual reality software which will definitely help you acquire 70% of flying skill. There are a number of commercial packages available such as the Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator which can also be purchased from our online store.


Radio Control trainer airplanes from

Flight Trainers

After you have mastered flying with the flight simulator, you can now proceed to buying your first plane. As mentioned above, there is a wide variety of trainer planes to choose from and they all have something in common; high-winged. The reason is because these aircraft are more stable and tend to fly slower which makes it more trainee tolerant. For your convenience, Hobbygulf has supplied more high-winged trainers as Ready To Fly (RTF) meaning they include a radio, receiver, battery, charger, and require minimal assembly time.

Once you feel you are quite an experienced flyer, it is advisable to join your local flying club to exchange and develop more skills. Here for example, trainers can connect your transmitter or radio to theirs to be able to guide you and the moment they feel you are ready to take over the controls, they deactivate their radio giving you full control over your plane. The instructor can easily reactivate his radio if he sees you are struggling with the controls.

If you happen to be in Lebanon, Hobbygulf has developed a full training program for only $99 per person.
For more information on our RC flying lessons, refer to this page: