Saturday , 27 February 2021


This is probably one of the toughest problems you will face as a beginner. You are new to the hobby and you have no idea what to invest your money on. First of all, it is important for you as a pilot of an RC plane to understand that the same way everything comes and goes, is the same way your plane may come and go. Beginners have a greater chance of their plane getting damaged than an expert would. Which is why in order to reduce the risk of you damaging your plane, it is advisable to first of all purchase the RC flight simulator which can be found at our online store at, or you can simply register for our 3 days program of RC flying lessons.

Do not get discouraged, as there are a lot of investments you can make that can last you a lifetime especially when dealing with the equipment recommended for you as a beginner to get your new hobby up and going. Some purchases may be expensive however, it is always smarter to pay more for the best quality of an item which will last you for years and provide you with the best long lasting flying experience.
To help take away your confusion, we have provided you with the items which are worth the pay:

Tool Box: First and foremost, it is very important to invest your money in getting a toolbox. Most aircrafts provide you with a small tool set essential in completing the construction of the plane however, one has to have a bigger set of tools because you do not only need to complete the construction of your plane, but over time, you will need to maintain and service your RC belongings. Don’t be confused about what tools to get because most aircrafts use similar tools since majority of them are produced in Asia. Eventually as you get more experienced in the RC world, you will be capable of knowing the tools which are of more use to you.

Charger: It is always advisable to purchase computerized chargers that will closely monitor each cell of your battery and maintain a safe charging/discharging operation. The same charger can be used for any type of battery for any aircraft, car, etc and can be purchased from our online store at

Radio Transmitter: It is not a huge necessity to purchase a radio transmitter at the beginning of your RC journey because most pilots who are new to the hobby go for RC planes which are RTF (Ready-To-Fly) meaning that it includes a radio to control that specific plane. Eventually, when you start purchasing more advanced planes, you would need to get a proper radio transmitter which can function for different models. In this case, the pilot is able to purchase one good quality radio which will last for years and have the capability of controlling different aircraft models, rather than buying one radio for each aircraft you own in the thought that it would minimize cost. Trust us it won’t.
In addition to the top brands of aircrafts we sell, also provides our customers with the best radio brands in the RC world. such as Spektrum and Flysky which are among the top in the world when it comes to dealing with radio transmitters. It is important to know that most brands of radio are only well-suited with the same brand of receiver. You may get confused when deciding what brand to go for but it’s just like buying a new phone. You read about the brand and ask your friends about their opinions. The same goes with RC brands; the opinions of the people around you will always be useful in helping you take your decision. Also, if you choose a brand that your friend is using, he/she could provide you with assistance in operating the radio functions.

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