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Plugs and Connectors

Plugs and Connectors

Plugs and connectors make it easy to connect two or more electrical elements together, most importantly the battery and the aircraft, and in this case, there is one positive (red) wire and one negative (black) wire on both the battery and the aircraft.

Some of the most well-known connectors are the; XT60, JST, HXT, EC3, etc.  Accordingly, different aircrafts and batteries require different plugs, typically the smaller the plane, the smaller the plug and vice-versa. It is wise to pick aircrafts and batteries that have the same connection so that you don’t have to spend money buying several batteries just because the connections are different.

The XT60 connectors were designed in China by Amass and are made up of 3.5mm bullets fixed in a molded housing and both the male and female are masked. As the name implies, the maximum current rate for XT60 is 60A

The JST connectors are some of the practical and solid small connectors in the market. They are the perfect match for small planes, BEC  connections on larger models, and 250 sized helis. They come in the form of both raw pins and connector housings.

HXT 3.5mm
The HXT 3.5 mm connectors are not very popular and use a longer 3.5mm bullet than a normal 3.5mm bullet which means they are able to handle a little more current. The problem with these connectors is that there is only one housing shared by both sources and devices which means 2 sources can be connected directly together.

HXT 4mm
The HXT 4mm connector is more popular than the 3.5mm. The sources and devices also share the same housing  here.  The 4mm bullets housed in the connectors have a broad cup for bonding, so 10awg wont be a problem and 8awg is a possibility.

The EC3 connectors  are widely used and quite popular. The male and female housing contain 3.5mm bullets and have a maximum current rate of 60A.  These connectors also offer a very secure connection making them fairly difficult to separate.

When directly dealing with batteries you need to be very careful and make sure your connections are secure and correct or else your battery can get ruined. If you need any help on this matter, feel free to like our HobbyGulf facebook page and inbox us with any problem you may be facing.