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Plugs and Connectors

Plugs and connectors make it easy to connect two or more electrical elements together, most importantly the battery and the aircraft, and in this case, there is one positive (red) wire and one negative (black) wire on both the battery and the aircraft. Some of the most well-known connectors are the; XT60, JST, HXT, EC3, etc.  Accordingly, different aircrafts and ... Read More »

Winter Flying Tips

Unlike the summer, winter days are rainy days and are usually shorter since it gets dark earlier. This means that the way we have to fly and use our RC planes and equipment differs from the summer. For those who are new to the hobby, haven’t flown in winter, and wish to have a good safe time flying, this is a ... Read More »


Being new to the hobby, you will need guidance on how to build your plane and take off with your first flight. To avoid making any regrettable mistake, this article provided will guide you through. MANUAL The first and most important part is being familiar with the model you have just purchased. To do so, you need to read the ... Read More »


So what is AVC Technology? AVC stands for ACTIVE VEHICLE CONTROL which is a new technology produced and installed in some of the radio controlled cars. It is one of the newest technologies created by Spektrum™ and AVC™, it uses a combination of sensors and software algorithms to adjust steering and throttle output at a rate faster than humanly possible. ... Read More »