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What are the parts and functions of an Airplane?

What are the parts and functions of an Airplane?

If you’re an aviation enthusiast and new to the RC hobby, it is very important to learn the parts of an airplane. Sadly, some people forget to do so and end up crashing their airplanes the minute they turn it on.

You don’t want this to happen, do you?
Before flying your RC plane, we recommend that you practice on a simulator in order to prevent any damages.
Each part of the airplane has a different function but most of them depend on air in order to fly. This is what we call Aerodynamics.
The pictures below show each part related to the airplane.

These are the main parts and functions that you can control with your Radio, depending on the number of channels you have:

The body of an airplane is called the Fuselage. The wings, tail, and engine are attached to it.
The Wing as you can see, is a horizontal airfoil with the ailerons and flaps hinged to it, which produces lift.
The Ailerons control the roll of the airplane; they are the surfaces on the outside of the wing that swing up and down. When the right aileron swings up, the left aileron swings  down and vice-versa.
The Flaps are the hinged surfaces just inside the ailerons. They hinge down to increase lift on take off and landing.
The rear section of the plane that consists of a horizontal stabilizer and a vertical stabilizer is called a Tail. The elevator hinges to the horizontal stabilizer and the rudder hinges to the vertical stabilizer.
They are both connected to the Tail but each has a function.
The Elevator swings up and down which controls the pitch of the airplane.
The Rudder swings left and right which controls the yaw of the airplane.
The Engine provides the power to turn the propeller and to produce thrust for sustaining flight.
The Propeller is a turning blade or a twisted airfoil which is covered by a nose cone called a Spinner.
The Spinner helps smoothen the airflow over the engine.
The Cockpit houses all the controls and instruments, also it’s where the pilot sits while flying the airplane.
Not to forget about the Landing Gear! They are essential because they are the wheels that support the airplane when it’s on the ground, preparing for take-off and when it’s on its way for landing. Imagine an airplane landing without them. It simply won’t land – It will crash land.

Now you know the basic parts and functions of an airplane! The RC plane works just like the real airplane but instead, the Radio Control is your cockpit.
Click here for a short video of RC Planes.
Fly safely!