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Wings Over Kfardebian – WOK 2014

Wings Over Kfardebian – WOK 2014

On a sunny morning, back in September, a group of aviation and Radio Control enthusiasts gathered in Kfardebian for a whole weekend.
The sky was clear, with stable air and good visibility; the perfect weather condition.
Everyone was ready, preparing their RC Planes, testing them and making sure that their batteries are full before the take-off.

You’re probably asking yourself this question: How did a group of 30 to 40 people meet in one place with the same passion for aviation and RC planes?
Well, in almost every country around the world, there’s a group of people or a club that gathers RC lovers, such as RC Lebanon, a club based in Beirut, Lebanon.
“Wings Over Kfardebian” was one of the events organized by RC Lebanon and sponsored by .
In such events, you can meet the pilots, learn how to fly and of course, enjoy a great day in the sun with nothing but airplanes surrounding you.
What are you waiting for? Whether you’re an RC Plane/Helicopter/Car/Quadcopter lover,  you can always join RC Lebanon and and discover the most enjoyable hobby in the world!

W.O.K is an annual event that includes food, drinks, hobby shops and a little bit of background music. In W.O.K 2014,  safety measures and precautions were taken to improve safety and to create the perfect runway for the airplanes. (Pictures below)
This year we’re expecting a bigger event, more people and more fun!

Spread the word and contact RC Lebanon for more information about W.O.K 2015!
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Here is a video of the event: