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Your First EDF Jet

Your First EDF Jet

Once you’re done mastering beginner RC airplanes, it’s time you open yourself up to the thrilling Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Jets you’ve been dreaming about. There are several varieties of EDF Jets to choose from and choosing the right one can be crucial. Take note of these factors:

Wing surface: Remember, the more the wing surface, the more the lift, stability, and gliding properties so choose a jet with a decent wing surface and not a small delta-shaped wing. The FMS 70mm EDF Alpha Jet PNP or the FMS F-16 EDF Jet 776mm PNP are suitable beginner EDFs and are affordable too.

Price range: You wouldn’t want to invest in a powerful fan and motor EDF Jet like the Freewing Hornet F18 V2 90mm EDF PNP just yet, because not only would you have wasted a great sum of money if it crashes, but also their larger sized LiPo Batteries can lead to a very dangerous crash for someone that’s new to flying these jets. It is however an amazing model which you should look into once you have mastered EDF Jet flying.

You have finally purchased your first EDF Jet and it’s time to take it out for a fly but first, you need to understand that each RC plane and jet has its own unique characteristics. Get to know more about the model you have purchased by doing a bit of research and also asking for expert advice either from a friend or your hobby store. Take note that most Jets hit speeds close to a 100mph so make sure you go to a field with plenty of space.

We cannot emphasize how important the Simulator software is, as it is a great and safe way improve your flying skills and handle emergencies. Choose one that has several choices of planes including the one you have just purchased. The Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator has Over 200 models of Helis, Airplanes, Float planes and more all accurately modeled and detailed. Practice makes perfect so after you have mastered your model with the simulator software, you can then proceed to the field. is ready to answer any of your questions and concerns so you can contact our customer service or you can simply like our facebook page and feel free to message us at anytime.